July 16, 2010

Class of 1962 alumni hold Long Island celebration

Over the past few years, 1962 alumni have met frequently on Long Island. Susan Rutkin Villatore has been a wonderful organizer, and has kept her people together. There should be more like her. This photo is from this summer and the gathering was held at Phil Cheifetz' home. Pictured are..Front row: Bonnie Green, Phil Cheifetz, Robert/Bobby/Bob Gifford; Back row: Pat Raynor, Margie Pearl, Geri Robson Burtt, Vicky March True, Susan Rutkin Villatore. Bonnie lives in California and this was a celebration of her visit.

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x6grandma said...

You ladies and guys all look terrific!!! Must have been something in the Levittown water that kept us all YOUNG!!!