July 14, 2010

Twelve 1960 grads gathered for 2010 mini-reunion in Las Vegas

Twelve members of the pioneer class of 1960 gathered in Las Vegas for a 50th reunion in April 2010. They were in the first graduating class of Division Avenue High School. Pictured here are Don Davidson, Bob Castro, Ron Firestone, Cliff Fromm, John Gentleman, Dewain Lanfear, Larry Bory, Heidi Perlmutter, Green Green, Frank Barning, Ken Plass and Luther (call me Lou) Kuhlman. A few of the guys played golf, some emptied a few bottles of adult liquid refreshment and our wives got together to play the famous Las Vegas slot machines. A highlight of the gathering was a dinner held at the Paris Hotel & Casino buffet, at which the group photo was taken and Don Davidson was elected class president. A next reunion was informally discussed and it was agreed that we should not wait until a 60th reunion when most of us will be approaching 80 years of age. Division grads from other classes will be included in any future events. Unfortunately, they were not invited to Vegas.

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