July 13, 2010

Wandering Warren Zaretsky, the class of 1960's King of the Road

World traveler Warren Zaretsky is among the most creative and humorous people this blogger has ever known. First we see Warren at age eight and then in a recent photo. Early in this century, he taught English in China for two years. I wish he would write an autobiography. Note: Please check out Warren's comments that appear below.

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Frank Barning said...

In reply, Warren wrote: Yes, I've spent most of my 67 years wandering, creating and absorbing experiences -- east coast, west coast, 3 business careers, more than 30 countries, 2 marriages, a potpourri of multi-cultural amorous adventures of varying duration, 2 known children, 3 grandkids, a wonderful 89 year-old Mother, 2 loving sisters, a supportive and best-friend kind of cousin, a handful of close friends, and a comfortable bank account. The bank account buys continued Freedom to wander. The accumulated material possessions have been kept minimal and are expendable.
If I go quickly with my boots on, it's been fun -- If I linger a bit, I have my stock of memories to replay until I pull the plug. In the end, other than perhaps a few warm moments during visiting hours, all you've got is a silly backless hospital gown and your memories. So, to all I've encountered in my wanderings, I say thanks for the memories.