August 24, 2010

Young Wally Linder's problems with impulse control and maturity

Wally made a visit to the office of Vice Principal Gene Aiello

By Wally Linder, Class of 1961
Let me preface this story with a DISCLAIMER. This story is that of a junior in high school. Frontal lobes were not fully developed, and there were problems with impulse control and maturity.

Mrs. Allegra wasn’t, technically, a terrible teacher, but she was lacking in personal skills. She was all business, with no discernable personality. Most of the teachers at Division tried to make their classes an enjoyable experience. Mrs. Allegra thought that the Algebra was the fun part.

The Algebra came easy to me, and I soon found myself being bored to death. There was a destructive fad, going around, at that time. Ink pens, also know as fountain pens, were still in fashion, and the distribution of “Beauties” (as in black and blue beauty marks) were all the rage (with a selective few degenerates). The concept was to give people, and property, beauty marks when they were not there to begin with.(If you think this was stupid and destructive ------- PLEASE NOTE- DISCLAIMER)

For some unknown reason, which I still don’t understand today, I decided to give Sadie Allegra beauty marks. It would have been easy to do this anonymously, but I decided to do it in the classroom, while she was teaching. The beauty ink spots covered her back,and some of the black board. (If you think this was a stupid and senseless act---------------PLEASE NOTE- DISCLAIMER)

The next thing I knew I was sitting in vice principal Aiello’s office with my mother and Mrs. Allegra. I figured suspension, and maybe even expulsion. My life changed in that office, on that day.

I discovered that Sadie Allegra did have a forgiving personality, and so did Gene Aiello. Sadie might have not been the best teacher, but she was not a terrible person. After Mrs. Allegra left, Mr. Aiello proceeded to tell my mother how much he enjoyed watching me play soccer. In 1959 Gene Aiello was the team’s only soccer fan.

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James said...

In music class one day, during the "fountain pen phase," I was attempting to complete a long-range spattering of (I believe) Bob Bonacci. I had to sort of "wind up" to get power behind my shot. Unbeknown to me, my teacher was standing right behind me. When I pulled my arm back, the pen let loose a line of ink directly into the face of my teacher and down the front of her blouse.