September 25, 2010

1952 Northside School; Mr. Langan's 4th grade class

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Front row: Ray Wenz, Jim Tucker, Ann Hoffman
Second row: x. Maryann McNally, Cliff Fromm, Sharon Dumas
Third row: Sharon Kivowitz, Margaret O'Pray, x, Beth Cummings
Forth row: Connie Drakos, Jeanne Hurley, Bob Castro, Pat Moore
Fifth row: Margery Fisher, x, Jerry Bonima, Sherry Kruger
Back row, standing: x, Jerry Cohen, Louie Lopez, Bruce Garabrant

Also in the photo are Billie Jean Divone and Evie Fielding

Thirteen kids is this class graduated from Division Avenue High School in 1960. Ray Wenz, Bruce Garabrant and Louie Lopez are no longer with us.

Photo courtesy of Beth Cummings

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