September 29, 2010

1957 Levittown Pony League All-Stars

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Front row: Dewain Lanfear, Tom Krustangel, Jimmy Judson, coach Popetti, Ernie Villatore, Dick Cleere, Gary Parker
Back row: Frannie Kolb, John Fitzsimmons, Jerry Reichert, x, coach Jack McDonald, Joe Forte, Ted Popetti, Bobby Lombardi, Neal Manley, coach x

Not only are there boys in this photo who graduated from Division Avenue High School, a few went to Levittown Memorial and Island Trees. Joe Forte, now retired, was a long-time National Basketball Association official.

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Kim Olivito said...

Hi Frank great Blog. My dad when to Levittown Memorial and is in his picture you have posted of the 1957 Levittown Pony League All-Stars. You don't have his name listed. He is in the back row named "x". My dad's name is Tom Perez. He was the Caption of the baseball team at Levittown Memorial and got Best hitter for his Freshman years in 1956. I could love to connect you to him. Do you have an email address? So I can email you his information.

Thank you! Kim