September 4, 2010

1957 Wisdom Lane Junior High, Mr. Brannigan’s 7th grade class

Top row includes: Gerald Trotter, James Brunton, Richard Fiertag, Marty Vogt,Tom Banks, now deceased Gerard Farge
Second row includes: Steve Ashwal, John Bouse
Bottom row includes: Lillian Smith, Mr. Brannigan, Elizabeth Lemmie, Maureen “Moe” Tucker, Gail Pike
Note: click on the photo to enlarge it.

Moe Tucker, who graduated from Levittown Memorial in 1962, was a drummer in the famous band The Velvet Underground. Sterling Morrison, class of 1960, was the guitarist. Google Moe Tucker for more information about her career, Morrison's too.

If you are able to identify anyone not listed, send information to

Photo courtesy of Lillian Smith Handleman, 1962

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Anonymous said...

I got all exciting thinking this was my first class in Levittown (but wondered why none of the names were clicking at all), then I saw the date on the bottom of the picture, Jan. of 1957. I was still in 6th grade down in Washington, DC and only moved to Levittown in the summer of '57. Had Mr. Brannigan for 7th grade during the '57-'58 school year and then was redistricted over to DAJHS (thanks be) the next year for 8th grade. Mr. B was great -- a very cool guy and a fine teacher.

Jim Ayres '63