September 2, 2010

Northside School, 1952-53, Mr. Hugh Marassa's fifth-grade class; 11 members graduated from Division Avenue seven years later

Foreground: Sharon Dumas
1st full row: Joan Allibone, Jean Hurley, x, Beth Cummings
2nd row: Cathie Pantano, Lorraine Troiano, Theda Minkin, Chris Wilkens
3rd row: x, Noel Heinisch, Pat Lucio, Sherry Kruger
4th (last) row: x, x, x, Marjorie Fisher
Standing: Gerald Benima, Cliff Fromm, Ken Porter, Jerry Cohen, Rich
Ostrowski, x, Bob Castro, Steve Mohr, the late Louie Lopez, Ken Hollwedel, x
Teacher: Mr. Hugh Marassa

Photo courtesy of Steve Mohr

Taken in 1953, this photograph is 57-years old. Levittown was six years old at the time and was a community that was transitioning from most houses being rentals to individually owned homes. Families came and went, and as a result neighborhood and school friends were constantly disappearing.

Interestingly, 11 of the students in Mr. Marassa's fifth-grade class graduated from Division Avenue High School seven years later. Five members were at the 50th reunion high school reunion in August...Sharon Dumas, Joan Allibone, Beth Cummings, Noel Heinisch and Cliff Fromm.

Several years ago when Steve Mohr emailed this picture to Frank Barning, he could only remember about half of his classmates. Cliff Fromm and Bob Castro viewed the photo and helped fill in most of the blanks. Seven students are not identified. If you are able to provide any names, email

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