September 22, 2010

Part 3: Division Avenue High School's worst teachers

This is the third installment of worst Division Avenue High teachers. To see previous comments, scroll down to the bottom of this page and click on "older posts".

Arnie Galeota, 1961
The worst teacher for me was a small, mousy type of guy who taught physical science. His name was Solimando. The class had a few really tough to handle wise guys and they ran all over him and we didn't learn anything. I think he was such an easy going guy he didn't know how to take control of the rowdies. The class was out of control everyday. Not being one of those types I was not happy with him as a teacher.

I think Vinny Barbarino of Welcome Back Kotter fame was in my class and gave Solimando a hard time.

Sandy Adams, 1960
I think the absolute worst teacher that I had at DAHS was Frank Morgan – 4th year Latin. I don’t recall him ‘teaching’ a single class. He would assign pages to translate at the start of each class and then he’d leave and we wouldn’t see him until the last few minutes of the period or not until the next class. Exams were ‘open book tests’ so we all passed with flying colors! I can’t recall who else was in this class – I believe about 6 of us stuck with it through the four years, but what a boring class.

June Johnson, 1963
In my senior year I had to take Intermediate Algebra. I had gotten through Elementary Algebra and Plane Geometry and needed an additional math course. The teacher was Mr. Pollock. He seemed pleasant enough, but missed a lot of school. We had a steady stream of substitutes and inconsistent teaching. By mid-year, Mr. Pollock was gone.

The class was out of control behaviorally. With the revolving door of subs we were lost.
One day, while waiting for the teacher-du-jour, one of the girls took a bottle of scotch out of her book bag, opened it, took a swig and passed it on to the rest of us. I had no interest and sent it to the next kid.

All of a sudden everything got quiet. I followed all eyes to the door where Mr. Simes stood. His face was bright red and he looked ready to explode. He was enraged.
The upshot was expulsion for the swiggers and the girl who brought the bottle to school. For me it was a 26 on the Regents.

Diane McDonnell, 1960
Mr. Crane who taught Business Law. He was a disrespectful jerk and the worst teacher I ever had anyplace.

Mr. Sullins was a terrible math teacher, but I really liked him as a person. He was very sweet but not a good math teacher -- instead of giving me a hint, he gave me the correct answer during the 9th grade math (arithmetic) final -- I remember the question, too: it had to do with square root. (Math doesn't figure well in my IQ).

Warren Zaretsky, 1960
I was such a bad student and paid so little attention to any of the "teachers" -- other than for my own entertainment opportunities -- that I have no "worst" to offer.

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