September 16, 2010

Who were your best teachers at Division Avenue High School?

These lists are for BEST, not favorite, Division Avenue teachers. For example, to me math teacher Mr. Chenevey was easily the best. My favorite was Mr. Amen. If you went to Division and wish to submit a top-10 list, send it to

Cliff Fromm, 1960
1. Mrs. Cameira
2. Miss Eisenhauer
3. Mr. Tarantelli
4. Mr. Reggio
5. Mr. Quirk

Susan Weldon, 1960
1. Mr. Chenevey
2. Mr. Kalinowski
3. Miss Eisenhauer
4. Mr. Cetnarowski
5. Mr. Aiello

Lilette Levy Bagwin 1960
1. Mr. Chenevey
2. Mr. Reggio
3. Mr. Kalinowski
4. Mr. Keating
5. Miss Eisenhauer

Arnie Galeota, 1961
1. Mr. Russo
2. Mr. Danhieux
3. Mr. Chapman
4. Mr. Peyton
5 Mr. Tarantelli

Pete Weiss, 1963
1. Mr. Chapman (English)
2. Mr. Erbacher (Cit. Ed.)
3. Mr. Erath (algebra)
4. Mr. Vanderwater (calculus)
5. Mr. Fremed (physics)

Frank Barning 1960
1. Mr. Chenevey
2. Miss Eisenhauer
3. Thaddeus Kalinowski
4. Mr. Graf (few may remember him)
5. Mr. Keating

Lillian Smith Handleman, 1962
I had no favorites. I found Division's teachers to be less than inspiring. Now, Wisdom Lane, that was a different story.

Kathy Armstrong Urban 1962
1. Mr. Chenevey. I remember him standing in front of the class and pushing his hair back as he taught. I had him for algebra & geometry. Math was not my forte and I wanted to quit geometry but he wouldn’t let me. I sat in the front row and he would tease me about using my fingers and toes to count. I wound up getting a 96 on the Regents. He was fantastic.
2. Mr. Crane
3. Mr. Chapman
4. Miss McGuigan
5. Miss Smith

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Phil Besuner said...

Phil Besuner (Only went one year and only can remember two teachers)

1. Mr. Graf -- the absolute best. He loved his subject and probably even most of us! I became a scientist but his English class was the best class I ever took.
2. Miss McGuigan -- very effective, witty and easy on the eyes.