October 20, 2010

Division Avenue High School Yearbook Memories, 1960-63

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One of the many highlights of your Division Avenue High School yearbook was the section that listed categories, with photos, such as the two shown here. We start with Most Intellectual and Most Popular.

Three similarly formatted pages will follow in the near future. They will be Most Athletic and Biggest Flirt, then Wittiest and Best Looking, and last will be Best Dressed paired with Most Likely to Succeed. I was voted least likely to succeed with the best looking girl.

Most Intellectual
1960 Russ Green and Ellen Rees
1961 Dick Siegler and Gail Bradbard
1962 John Stalberg and Vicki Tatz
1963 Danny Estow and Barbara Karpel

Most Popular
1960 Dottie Caggiano and Perry Berns
1961 Don Florman and Kathy Rees
1962 Susan Kilbride and Tom McKeon
1963 Richard Ligouri and Cathy Burner

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