October 12, 2010

The final chapter: An email from one of Levittown's "Rocks"

I sent Rocky Manning a link to the blog entries about his crew, the Levittown rocks. His reply follows:

Hi Frank,
This is great reading about all of us when we were in Levittown back in the 50's and 60's. Mousy is gone, Bugsy is gone, Bumpy is gone also. Lucky is still around. Bill Kelly is ok I will see him Sunday. I made a copy for him to read

Thanks for sending this to me. They still call me Rocky.
Rocky Manning

Bumpy--Ed Whiting
Bugsy-- Richie O'Mack
Lucky-- Ted O'Mack
Mousy--Joe Lulenski
Rocky--Bill Manning
Lucky-- Ted O'Mack
No nickname--Billy Kelly
Others, including some girls, were on the fringe.

Notes from Tom Paturzo Baker
About Lucky O'Mack: I think his real name was Theodore. He did not want his name known.  Not cool.  I believe he adopted the name from Lucky Luciano, the gangster (at least that is what he claimed.)  He wanted people to think he was a lot tougher than he really was. He used his older brothers as a "back-up" system.

About Bumpy: Called that because of his skin condition. I always thought he was harmless, just the persona and image of being a rock. He gained some social acceptance with the "Rocks."

This story concludes our five-part series about the rocks.


Anonymous said...

Ted O'Mack was called "Lucky" because he smoked Lucky Strikes cigarettes----not, after the gangster. They weren't so cool, after all, they served jail time for stupid reasons/crimes. They were the original JD's of Levittown.

Anonymous said...

Just for the record:

Ted O'Mack lives in Florida with his wife & 4 daughters, 5 grandchildren & 2 great- grandchildren.

Richie O'Mack did get married & has a son, Richard. He (Richie) was killed in an automobile accident years ago.

Trust me, they were embarrassed of their past and reputations.

Anonymous said...

Regarding Bill Kelly:

He was living in West Islip (the last I heard). He never married.

Bill is the nicest person (always was & always, will be)!!

Anonymous said...

I love this web site! Great job!

Jessica Manning said...
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Jessica Manning said...

Bill Kelly I believe is the last "Rock". Rocky Manning passed away October 10th, 2017.