October 31, 2010

Part 2: Here are some categories that might have made your Division Avenue High School yearbook even more interesting

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Wouldn't it has been fun to have voted on the following?
Most likely to climb the Azalea Road water tower:
Most likely to smoke in a restroom:
Most likely to intentionally start a fire in a restroom:
Most like to make the dishonor roll:


From Lillian Smith Handleman 1962
Most likely to sell hot watches out of the back of a van
Most likely to string beer bottles to use as wind chimes
Most likely to win a Nobel Peace Prize
Most likely to levitate
Most likely to join a circus freak show

From Susan Weldon, class of 1960
most likely to have multiple marriages
most likely to climb mt everest
most likely to live to 100
most likely to have sex with a famous person
most likely to drive cross country in a vw bus
most likely to be elected to a political position
most likely to join a cult
most likely to join the peace corps
most likely to kiss and tell
most likely to operate a bulldozer

Sue Padgett 1961
Least likely to approve of most likely awards

Jim Anton 1961: I'd like to nominate myself for "least likely to succeed". My greatest academic accomplishment was doing as little as possible to get a "C" or "65" to just barely pass, thus avoiding an ass kicking from my dad. I knew that if I passed the Regents Exam at the end of the year I would be given a passing grade. I received my Regents diploma along with all my classmates who worked so hard in the classroom.

If Mr. Reggio hadn't insisted on me taking biology I wouldn't have done it. He told my mom I was just lazy. I only took classes that my buddy Jay Citrin ( 1960) had taken the year before so I could steal his work. The only novel I ever read was in the form of a Classic Comic and my "Prose and Poetry" textbook never got cracked open.

My only saving grace was knowing I couldn't get lower then a 55, thus allowing me to get a 75 the next quarter and having a passing grade average.

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