November 2, 2010

Levittown Little League team picture, 1954

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This vintage photo is classic early Levittown. Some of these kids could have been in the gang with Spanky, Buckwheat and Alfalfa. The boys look so happy, so proud, in their little uniforms shirts. Look at the wooden bats, which kids' leagues no longer use. And check out the tape on Tommy Connolly's bat. Every piece of equipment was a treasure.

The Little League program in Levittown was outstanding and a major reason that Levittown-area high schools (Division, Memorial and Island Trees) all had very good baseball teams in the early days of our town.

We were unable to identify everyone. Maybe you can help fill in the blanks.

Front row: x, Tommy Connelly, Merrill Clark, John Phillips, x
Second row: George Vine, Bill Astman, Jack Lorentz, x
Back row: coach x, Brad Clark, Steve Mohr, x, x, Mr. Mohr

Photo courtesy of Steve Mohr 1960

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