November 20, 2010

What ever became of the Most Talkative student?

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The photo is of the person voted Most Talkative in her high school class at Division Avenue High School in Levittown. She won the title hands down. There was a picture of her in the yearbook speaking into a microphone.

After graduation, Most Talkative was soon going steady with a guy named Eddie. They had hooked up while hanging out at the North Village Green. Before long, they were married at St. Bernard's and everything was just peachy in their relationship until he realized that there was never any quiet in their home. He relished the sound of silence.

A friend of Eddie was a reconstructive surgeon at Meadowbrook Hospital who owed him a huge favor. Don't ask for what. The husband and the surgeon had a heart to heart talk about the noise issue. The good doctor suggested divorce, but the harried hubby's religion frowned upon it.

Feeling sorry for his friend, the surgeon told his pal to bring the chatterbox to his office and he would take care of the problem. Obviously, he did.

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Janet said...

put your hand to your zipper, girl; c' can do it! are about to become an executive with Ziploc "BAGS"....