December 7, 2010

The Binningers' Levittown home still has that loving feeling

Who says you can't go home again? This photo, snapped on Easter Sunday in 1951, is of Linc '63 and Carol Binninger '64 with their parents in front of the family home at 15 Quiet Lane. Carol and her husband Joe Mondello bought the house when Carol's mother passed away in 2007.

"Living in this house again is amazing, said Carol. "We have a lot of the same neighbors and my aunt, Mildred Robson, still lives next door. I love it."


Larry Gruber said...

I lived next door to the Robsons at 7 Quiet Lane for several years and still remember all the Robsons and Benningers with fondest memories. Larry Gruber

Doug Dittko said...

My name is Doug Dittko. Both of my sisters Daryl and Barbara went to Division Ave. I was so excited to find this site. You have a few pictures of my sister Daryl. I see none of Barbara. I remember so many of the things that you list on your blog.
I once won the square dance contest at Mays. Don Durlacher was the caller and my sister Daryl was actually part of his square dancing troupe that would travel Long Island and put on exhibitions.
Daryl and Barbara are both doing well. Daryl lives upstate but spends her winters in Florida. Barbara still lives on Long Island. Barbara was good friends with Carol Binninger and knows most of the people that are mentioned throughout this blog.
I had Ben Murphy when I went to Summit Lane. He was one of my favorite teachers and his
premature passing was a tragedy.
I went to Division for the seventh and eighth grades and then went to LI Lutheran for the remainder of my high school years. I graduated in 1969.
I could go on and on about all that I remember about Levittown. . It was a great place to grow up.
I was hoping that I'd see a photo or reminiscence about Fiesta on Hempstead Tpke. Many stories there.
Thanks for the great blog. I left a message for my sister Daryl. Can't wait to show her this site.
PS - My first real job was at Wilfreds Coffee Shop.
Doug Dittko

Marilyn Monsrud Frese said...

Hi Doug. My name is Marilyn Monsrud Frese, class of '63, and I was friends with both of your sisters. We were also close friends because we all went to the Levittown Community Church. I credit Barbara for meeting my first husband. She had asked me to go with her when she applied for a job at Mays. I ws not looking for a job, although I was a year older than Barbara. Well, she didn't get the job because they felt she was still too young, but they did ask me if I wuld like to work there. I took them up on the offer and met my first husband, with whom i had my 2 children, working at Mays. It was the summer I graduated from DAHS. My sister Susan was also friends with Barbara. She was a year younger than her though, I also believe Daryl was a Tri Delt sorority sister of mine. I was also good friends with Bonnie Green and Mary Lou Ostrow, who also llived on Bucket Lane. My mom and your mom were old time church friends. My mom was head of the Sunday School for many years, also played piano for our little Melody Band. I don't know if your mom is still with us, but she was a steady worshipper at the church. Always in the same seat...every Sunday. My mom used to sit near her every week. i haven't seen her around for quite a while...last time was just about the time she sold her house and the new owners were expanding it. (She was not happy about that!). So glad you found Franks blog...he has a treasure trove of stories and photos of Levittown here. I still live a block from where I grew up...and my sister is still in our old house. Lev. Comm. Church is still there...although we have only about 80 members now. Don't know how long they can hold on. Nice to hear from you- and please say hey to your sisters for me!

Doug Dittko said...

Hi Marilyn. I remember you and your sister. Rumor hast that one of you locked me in a closet in the church basement when I was very young. After years of therapy, I'm fine.
My mom is stil with us and next week we'll be celebrating her 92nd birthday.
This is a great blogsite. I found it quite accidentally. So many great memories, Azalea Rd pool, North Green, Cosmo, Fiesta.
Thanks for posting. I'll let my sisters know that you said hi.

Frank Barning said...

Doug....please email me at I would like to have your email address.

Anonymous said...

I went to Lee Road school in the 1970s, and the office secretary was a Mrs. Binninger, such a nice lady who was very kind to me. Any relation? -Dan N.