December 2, 2010

Hurricane Carol blog story and photos spark memories of surviving flooded Levittown

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Wally Linder 1961: I remember that day in August 1954 that Carol hit Levittown. We were new residents, just having moved in May of that year. We lived on Haymaker Lane up by the Hicksville border.

My Mother somehow got into work, but my Father, brother and I were home. We had a pear tree in the middle of the front lawn, and my Father really loved that tree. The wind bent the tree all the way over and he feared that it might be lost. In the middle of the hurricane my Father went out to tie down the pear tree. He barely made it to the tree, and had to turn around, because the wind was too strong. My brother Paul and I watched him crawl back with his fingers dug into the sod. At one point he went completely horizontal, like a flag, and just barely made it back in the house. My brother and I thought it was the funniest thing, not realizing how dangerous it really was.

Joan Bartels Signorelli 1962: I remember the storm vividly. We were living on Woodpecker Lane in the ranch with the fireplace on both sides, kitchen and living room. The water from the storm just poured down the chimney and we were flooded and mopping for hours. I really love all the old stories about Levittown, because it was a great place to grow up.

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