December 26, 2010

Jim Anton '61 found a box of very pleasant memories

Jim Anton was looking for Christmas lights to hang and came across a box of old stuff from Division Avenue High School. According to the 1961 graduate, "My mom must have sent it to me years ago. I found my freshman letters '61' and my Varsity D's."

In the box was the program from the 1961 graduation. "I was No. 2 in my class," the Southern California resident reported. He failed to point out that he was No. 2 alphabetically, not academically. "It looks like 67 percent of the class got regents diplomas. We also had lots of scholarships. After all these years I found out that I graduated and got married on the same date, June 25. Marriage was five years later."

Also in the box was a program from the Blue Dragons' 1958 sports awards dinner. So, we can look forward to seeing some of the more interesting pages posted in our blog, including a list of cheerleaders, award winners and baseball letter winners.

Thanks for the memories, Jim. You'll always be No. 2 to your old friends from Levittown, some of whom remember you being full of No. 2.

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