December 13, 2010

Life, including retirement, has turned out great for Jim Anton

Jim Anton '61 and his kid brother Jerry lived at 27 Furrow Lane in Levittown where the top photo from 1955 was taken. Immediately after graduation, Jim joined the Navy. "My friend Jay Citrin (21 Furrow Lane)", he recalled, "went into the Navy in 1960 after his graduation. He tested the water so to speak and encouraged me to join."

After four years in the service, Jim was discharged in California in 1965 and stayed in the Golden State. He soon met Shirley and on the same day, June 25, he graduated from Division Avenue High School, they were married in 1966. The Antons live in Rowland Heights, California while Jerry resides in Massapequa Park on Long Island. Among other things, the now semi-retired Jim Anton, has been a very popular and successful DJ and photographer. His pride and joy is his six-year old grandson Ceiveon.

"I am actively retired, meaning I work when I want to. I deal poker and other casino games on weekends as well as play poker a few times a week. I'm still a DJ about 20 times a year. Isn't being retired fun?"

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