December 30, 2010

New Year's Resolutions of Division Avenue High School alumni

Dewain Lanfear '60
Find something useful to do with the abilities I have left.

Mal Karman '60
To take one day at a time, and appreciate every moment of time in one day.

Pat Stanley Share '62
My No. 1 resolution would be to not want to bitch slap those that don't agree with me and to REALLY try to understand their point of view.

Susan Padgett Termini '62
My No. 1 resolution is the same as it has been every lose weight and get in stronger physical condition. Wish me better luck with it in 2011.

Lillian Smith Handleman '62
My No. 1 resolution is to spend less time on the computer. A lot less time.

Susan Weldon '60
Think about exercising more.

Karen Biro Hewson '60
I don't normally make New Year's resolutions but, thinking about it I would have to say that I'll try to "go more with the flow" this coming year - stay relaxed and always have a plan B, plan C, etc. Sometimes I'm just a bit too organized. Hope I can keep that resolution, but sometimes it's hard to go against your nature.

Joan Bartels Signorelli '62
I really don't make resolutions. I never keep them so never make them.

Michelle Fromm-Lewis '63
My No. 1, most important for my sanity resolution is to follow the message on the refrigerator magnet my daughter gave me that says "Stop me before I volunteer again!"

Lilette Levy Bagwin '60
I would like to search for and find peace of mind. It has eluded me for a long time.

June Johnson '63
At this point in my life I like to keep things as simple and as uncomplicated as possible.
No resolutions. Eat, drink and be merry now.

Arlene Gibson '61
Put the gold in the golden years.

Frank Barning '60
To stop pestering my wife about her driving habits.

Warren Zaretsky '60
I will let you know once I resolve the issue of how I aged so quickly this year.

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