December 11, 2010

The talented Franne Newman Lee has come a long way, baby!

Division Avenue High School's class of 1960 had more than its share of talented people; among them is Franne Newman. Her accomplishments as a costume designer during the early years of Saturday Night Live are just part of a brilliant and still ongoing career. Our next blog post will provide a glimpse of her award-winning work.

For today, here are a pair of childhood photos of Franne, who is known professsionally as Franne Lee. While in high school, she lived on Carnation Road in Levittown.


Anonymous said...

From Warren Zaretsky '60
It appears from the 2nd photo that Franne was either: 1. way ahead of the fashion curve with her show of "rapper/gangster-style" boxer shorts; 2. an exhibitionist and easier catch than any of the guys realized; 3. Really way ahead of time and already wearing Depends.

Anonymous said...

From Tom Baker

Franne ... Congratulations on all your success and awards! I always enjoyed the Coneheads on Saturday Night Live. I remember you from Mr. Frickie's art class. Little did I know you were a budding artist. Best wishes to you and your family.