December 23, 2010

What is your favorite Christmas movie?

Here are the opinions of a few Division Avenue High School graduates

Pat Stanley Share '62
My favorite used to be A Christmas Carol, the really old one from 1951. The original with Alistare Sim as Ebenezer Scrooge scared the crap out of me, but now I have to say it's Love Actually. It's an adult kind of movie, not for kids under say 18, due to its content but a great sound track a feel good story. This movie features a wonderful cast, including Hugh Grant, Liam Neeson, who actually play a character who's wife dies very young an unfortunate comparison to his real life, Colin Firth, and many others.

Arnie Galeota '61
A Christmas Carol - Alastair Sim version
March of the Wooden Soldiers - Laurel and Hardy

Sandy Adams '60
White Christmas
Miracle of 34th St - original version (1947)

Larry Bory '60
It's a Wonderful Life

Lillian Smith Handleman '62
The Little Match Girl

Patricia Kraft McDonald '60
1A. Polar Express tied with
1B. Charlie Brown Christmas

Frank Barning '60
A Christmas Story - Darren McGavin, Jean Shepherd

Dewain Lanfear '60
A Christmas Story - Darren McGavin, Jean Shepherd

Ann Crescenzo Fazzino '61
It's a Wonderful Life


susan weldon said...

a christmas story

Anonymous said...

I gotta think Polar Express
Joan Bartels Signorelli 1962

Sandra said...

White Christmas
Sandy Kelly Mincher 1961