January 10, 2011

What Levittown, New York means to me after all these years

By David M. Phillips

Levittown's culture lives in me every day.
I had a home there for 21 years of my life where life was as stable as it got.
Levittown is featured in the Ronald Reagan Presidential Museum in Simi Valley, CA, north of Los Angeles.
ReAgan saw Levittown as a focus of 20th century culture and change.
Reagan knew Levittown well.
And all these many years later, I see Dewain Lanfear (class of 1960) on Facebook.
I knew him in high school.
How many people can say this, that they know an educator for so long, recalling the old days.
He is but one of many teachers and friends of the Levittown days.
We are a full culture, we of Levittown.

Las Vegas Dave Phillips is a flight engineer who lives in Henderson, Nevada. He graduated from Division Avenue High School in 1970.

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www.denisebyers.com said...

Hey Dave, I missed our class reunion this past summer and learned you went. Sorry I missed you. We lived down the street from one another, I was on Saddler. I am now on a memory jog myself, about what was the name of the Midway Farms Store on Jerusalem Tpke across from Grand Union and next to where there old Carvel ice cream place was...The family name is what I am looking for. The store was old inside, old world type, sold cold cuts etc. and the family there always had a smile and warm sharings of daily life, and they respected you when you came in the store, always a happy to see you attitude. Would you remember? Also your neighbor next to you maybe, with the trampoline?
I am thinking Richie? Maybe you can help with other area memories too...Milk Strikes, Sledding to the stores in winter storms, sump sledding...
Denise Kaegi Byers Denise@DeniseByers.com