February 19, 2011

1957 Division Avenue High School cheerleaders...Give me a D!

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Front row: Becky Compton, Sue Dennis, Phyllis Cotter, Carol Klass

Middle row: Louise Nicolosi, Marion Wetzel, Sue Abbott, Margaret Johansson, Ellen Rees, Diane Sinatra

Back row: Maryann McNally, Margie Matthewson, Franne Newman, Joni Allibone, Penny Stone, Diane White, Bonnie Ramsey, Joyita Stovall, Lynda Reed

This was Division Avenue's first varsity cheerleading squad. All the young ladies could have been in the DAHS class of 1960, the school's first graduating class. Not all of them graduated from Division, however, as some were given the option transfer to Levittown Memorial because it was closer to home. They were sophomores in this photo from the 1957-58 school year.

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Frank Barning said...

Our cheerleaders had great pom-poms.