February 1, 2011

While some of our classmates are suffering through another snow storm, others bask in the Florida sun. Who said life is fair?

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Kathy Rees, class of 1961, posted this on Facebook today: "Here in Connecticut we are having one huge snow storm after another! My psychotherapy clients are canceling right and left. Eeeek! It's so weird."

All winter many of my Facebook friends have been commenting about the continuous series of snowstorms that have blanketed the Northeast. Several photos have been posted. There has been mention of climate change but no one has gone so far as to blame Al Gore for the weather.

Those of us who have moved to the Sun Belt feel sorry for our friends back home, but we do gloat. The snowbirds gloat, too, basking in the thoughts of how smart they are to leave the chilly winter wonderland for the Early Bird Specials and usually warm temperatures of south Florida.

Levittown has had it share of blizzards over the years. Maria DiGiovanni Mollica '60, who lives in Florida, sent a photo from 1958 of her parents in front of their house at 41 Sandpiper Lane. Her sister Frances, class of 1963, still lives in that house.

Marilyn Monsrud '63, who also still lives in Levittown, sent the snowy photo of Division Avenue High School. The church photo came from Sandy Adams '60, who lives in Suffolk County.

And while the snow is pounding the northeast, a dozen or so early Division Avenue High School grads have gathered for a mini-reunion in Key West, Florida. Dewain Lanfear '60 emailed me this morning, "We're here in Key West, met up with Pat Stanley Share '62 and others last night for dinner. The weather is beautiful and we look forward to a happy hour party this afternoon, golf tomorrow. Too bad you're not here."

Does that sound like gloating?


Anonymous said...

I feel so bad for all you mild climate inhabitants...you're missing such a BEAUTIFUL winter! The pure white snow blanketing everything, and that wonderful SNOW-HUSH silencing the sounds outdoors. Yes, it can be tough getting around, but nothing that a good pair of boots and snow tires can't fix...along with 2 great neighbors with big snowblowers. Levittowner has some of the best NEIGHBORS ever...that has not changed since the early Levittown years when everyone would help out neighbors whenever and wherever they could. So enjoy the sun and oceans...pools and green lawns...we soon will have them again too. My theory is "variety is the spice of life!"...even when it pertains to weather!

Marilyn Frese Monsrud said...

Sorry-the comment above was posted by me- forgot to check the name box! Snow on the brain!

Larry Bory said...

Those of us who were early Levittowners remember the blizzard of "48. We had a 7ft drift agains the front door. My dad and I had to climb out the bedroom window to get around to the front to clear it out.