March 21, 2011

Northside School, 1951-52: Mr. Henebry's 4th grade class

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First row: Mike Newton, the late Chris Wilkens

Second row: X, Steve Mohr, Karen Judge, Rich Humbert

Among others in photo: Ken Porter, Joan Allibone, Veda Schneider, Ellen Rees, Tom Paturzo Baker, Richie Ostrowski, the late Steve Zwerling, Lorraine Troiano, Artie Lundquist, Mr. Henebry

Eight years later, 11 of these kids graduated in Division Avenue High School's pioneer class of 1960. Please note the cute dresses worn by the girls and the grown-up looking ties by the boys. There was no dress code because it was not necessary. Early Levittown families had a lot of pride.

Photo courtesy of Steve Mohr

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Anonymous said...

What a bunch of cuties! I hope the memories of that time are happy ones for them. It brings a smile being able to share them.