March 23, 2011

Northside School, May 1955: Mr. Ouderkirk's sixth grade class

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First Row: Wally Linder, Lenny Syden, Jay Miner, Daria Marusevich, Peggy Hessin

Second row: Judy Bowen, Dawn Robie, Karen Hogan, Al Greengold, John Fitzsimmons

Third row: Joan Louison, Clayton Citrano, Billy Rudolph, Jimmy Judson, Kenny Knight,

Forth row: Janice Grubber, Bob Bonacci, Valerie Mascara, Barbara Crenshaw, Arlene Gibson

Fifth row: Laraine Bond, Beth Kramer, unknown, Roya Sitkoff, Elizabeth Mitchell

Putting the caption together, after 55 years, was the result of the brain searching of Daria Marusevich and Wally Linder. Approximately 14 of these kids graduated from Division Avenue High School in 1961. The teacher, Mr. Ouderkirk, certainly had a neat bulletin board. Give him an A.

Photo courtesy of Wally Linder, 1961

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Anonymous said...

From Bob Bonacci, class of 1961:

Mr. Ouderkirk was super teacher, a wonderful person and different from others in that he had faith in me. He asked me to find the area of a segment of a circle - duh! But he was confident that I would come up with the answer. Upon leaving Northside, Mr. Ouderkirk gave me a physics book. It was an inspiration. I don't believe that Goff the terrible or Mr. Vandewater, a high school math teacher? He wore brown squeaky army surplus shoes. The cataracts veiling my memory obfuscate the past. As I recall it was this teacher, I think in advanced algebra that got John Mulligan excited when he congratulated John for his performance on a test. John was thrilled, thinking he passed, but the compliment was because he achived a 55.

I was informed Ouderkirk passed away many years ago. He was a great guy and one I shall always remember - I still have the physics text.

Wally, Daria incredible sleuthing!