March 2, 2011

Unique use of washing machine kept a Levittown lad entertained

One of the things Jon Buller did as a kid in Levittown in the 1950s, when all other sources of entertainment had been exhausted, was to stick his head inside the door of his family's front-loading Bendix washing machine. The class of 1961 graduate of Division Avenue High School remembers "taking advantage of the echo-chamber effect. I would make various sorts of Boris Karloff and science-fiction noises. Those were the days!

"We now have a top loader, and it has some sort of spindle in the center that makes it impossible to stick your head inside in the same way."


Illustrator/cartoonist Jon Buller lives in Lyme, CT. His website is


Anonymous said...


Sears has front loaders with no spindle. I had nothing to do this afternoon, and I just stuck my head in ours and the "echo chamber effect",still works.

Wally Linder

Lawrence said...

I would sit in front and watch the wash go around and around.