April 27, 2011

1952 Northside School: Mrs. Hans' first grade class

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First row: x, Michelle Fromm

Second row: Charles Drakos, x, Linda Bishop, x

Third row: x, x, x, x

Fourth row: Tom Filiberto, Steve McNally, x, x

Fifth row: Michael Sullivan: x, Barbara Bordini, x

Standing: Jerry Gippetti, x, Ron Area, Dennis Ditto, Joe Imparato, Dick Marcella

Tom Filiberto from the class of 1963 has provided our blog with his first through sixth grade class photos from Northside School. Also, he has posted them on Facebook. As you can see, many of the students are not identified. Filiberto consulted with some classmates from back then and although a few names were added, many blanks remain. We are uncertain if the teacher in this photo is Mrs. Hans or Mrs. Hands.

Levittown was a somewhat transient community because many houses were rentals and families, for various reasons, would move away. So there was a coming and going of students, which is probably why so many youngsters in this photo are unidentified. The same will be true of other class photos from Filiberto's collection.

Any help with names would be appreciated.

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