April 1, 2011

The 1960 Division Avenue High School baseball team; where have you gone Joe DiMaggio?

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First row: x, Bob Golden (team manager), Jerry Reichert

Second row: Pete Cybriwsky, Ron Albaum, Jimmy Judson, coach Joe DiMaggio

Third row: John Koehler, Bill Stanley, Dewain Lanfear, Neal "Corky" Manly

Fourth row: Charles "Corky" Cybriwsky, Gary Parker, Ernie Villatore, John Shibilo

Missing: Mike Caldararo, Frankie Tompkins, Jim Urban

The name of the coach was Joe DiMaggio, for real. He taught physical education and started the baseball program at Division Avenue. A few years after this photo was taken, Mr. DiMaggio transferred to MacArthur High School where he coached baseball for many years and was the school's athletic director. When the change was made, Jimmie Amen took over the baseball team and led the Blue Dragons to several outstanding seasons.

Levittown had great high school baseball thanks to superb Little League and Pony League programs and an abundance of baseball fields. We have no idea who the boy in the front row marked with an x is. Maybe a reader can identify them.

Source: Photo from 1961 yearbook.


Anonymous said...

The person next to Jerry looks like Bobby Golden class of 62.

Jack Jacobsen '62

Anonymous said...

Merrill Clark, class of 1962 wrote

I recognized the young fellow in the middle of the front row as a classmate of mine, Bob Golden. He was the manager at the time. Bob was class of 1962.

Anonymous said...

Ernie Villatore was my 9th grade Biology Teacher, and Ron Albaum was my varsity baseball coach, both in the Brentwood School District. Unfortunately, Ron Albaum passed away about 3 weeks ago.