April 14, 2011

This picture, provided by John Tanner '60, is a mystery because many students have not been identified

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1952 Northside School, Mr. X fourth grade class

Front row: x, Jay Citrin, x, x

Second row: Phyllis Hirsch, Larry Bory, Mike LaPaglia, x

Third row: x, x, x, x

Fourth row: x, Tom Young, x, Margie Merle

Back row: Arnie Mark, John Tanner, x, x

Teacher: x

Above is another classic early Levittown class photo. But there is a problem. Do you see all those blanks in the caption? As hard as we've tried by contacting people who might remember, many of the students remain unidentified. The teacher is also a mystery.

The picture was provided by John Tanner, class of 1960, who only remembers that he and Arnie Mark are in the back row because they tended to disrupt the class.

If you can identify any of these bright looking youngsters, drop a note to fbarning@yahoo.com

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