May 22, 2011

Part 1 - Photos from Tim Lavey's early Levittown collection

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Tim Lavey has several dozen vintage photos of early Levittown, primarily from 1951-53. He and his younger brothers Robin and Mitch lived at 173 Orchid Road. In some of the photos you can see construction going on, and the outdoor shots give you an idea of the immaturity of trees and scrubs, while there also some of the automobiles of the day.

Today we include a grammar school picture of Tim, a shot of Mitch at the backyard picnic table, Tim celebrating a birthday in the family's kitchen and Robin riding his bike on Orchid Road.

A 1963 graduate of Division Avenue High School, Tim has generously shared his photos for the blog. "The Lavey Collection", as we like to call it, will be presented here in four or more posts over the next week or so.

As always, comments are welcome. And a big thank you to Tim Lavey for preserving some of Levittown's history and sharing it with us.

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Jim Ayres '63 said...

Not surprised Tim is sharing his photos with the blog. Didn't know him all that well and didn't stay in touch over the years, but remember him as one of the 'good guys' of our Class of '63. I do remember going to 173 Orchid Rd. a few times to play APBA baseball. Don't recall who won, do you, Tim? Fifty-two or three years later, I guess it doesn't matter that much (if it ever did ... lol).