May 26, 2011

Part 2 - Photos from Tim Lavey's early Levittown collection

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Tim Lavey, a 1963 Division Avenue High School graduate, was an early Levittowner. His family, including parents Arlene and Ed, lived at 173 Orchid Road along with Tim's younger brothers Robin and Mitch.

Tim has preserved several dozen vintage photos of early Levittown, primarily from 1951-53. Some of the outdoor shots provide an idea of the immaturity of trees and scrubs and even show some of the automobiles of the day.

Today's photos include one of mom and her boys on Christmas in their Levittown kitchen; dad with the lads at Jones Beach; Robin on the lawn surrounded by a snake-like garden hose; the Laveys with friend Gary Lazeroff (left) in front of the house; and the brothers in winter coats behind their Levittown ranch with the big and often drafty windows behind them.

Tim, who lives in Upper Montclair, NJ, has generously shared his photos with us. "The Lavey Collection" is being presented here in four or more posts over the next week or so. Enjoy part 2.

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bobblog said...

Re: winter coats.....Did we ALL have those fur collar "stormcoats? I may have to stop reading these posts...I'm beginning to experience LMO (Levittown Memory Overload :)!