May 28, 2011

Part 1 - Photos of DAHS graduates when they were children

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This is the first in a series of posts featuring pictures of Division Avenue High School graduates when they were children. Some of us are now in our second childhoods.

Depicted are:

*Michelle Fromm-Lewis '63 and brother Cliff Fromm '60 in 1951.

*Toni Crescenzo Gelfer '68 in what she calls her "tomboy" phase.

*Ira Shapiro '61 age three at the beach.

*Marilyn Monsrud '63 at age 7.

*Frank Barning '60 in his baby carriage in 1943, age one and small change


Anonymous said...

Frank I really enjoy your stories and pictures of the beginning of Levittown, & how we as children made history. Levittown and sure came a long way. It's amazing how fast time flies, & how the town has changed since we were children.

Brian Fisher class of 61

Frank Barning said...

Toni Crescenzo Gelfer class of 1968 were a really cute baby...I won't tease you about it..But, I'd like to...We all belong on a Donna Reed episode..Love it..

Anonymous said...

My goodness -- Marilyn Monsrud, one of the true goddesses of our class of '63, definitely had the 'it' factor even as a seven year old ... lol. Always thought she should have been voted "Best Looking" (no slight to Darrae Cabre, who was also fine looking) instead of "Biggest Flirt," but then I didn't play in her league anyway and was in no position to know how 'flirty' she may have been. The voters spoke, so ...... have to assume some were in the know on that.

Frank Barning said...

Concerning Marilyn, see previous comment....There was a rule that a student could not win more than one title. So she may have been voted best looking but a decision was made to spread the wealth. I have this from a very reliable source.

Marilyn Monsrud Frese said...

Well how sweet of both of you- Anonymous and Frank! BTW- I remember being totally shocked when I was told I was voted Bigget Flirt! Especially with having one very serious relationship with my boyfriend for almost 3 years of HS.

marilyn Monsrud Frese said...

Frank and cute you little guys were!!! Frank- you look so serious but interested in whatever you were lookingat. Maybe putting a blog idea together? And Ira- those curls!!! WOW !!! Tony! I love your look- did you really go through a Tom-Boy phase? I'll have to ask J.S. about that!! Michelle and Cliff- I've seen this photo a number of times and stillfind it so charming. And it's so great, the relationship you 2 had growing up and still being so close after all these years. Wonderful!