May 4, 2011

Those little darlings from Division Avenue's class of 1960

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Starting at the top, left to right:
top row - Louise Nicolosi, Ira Selsky, Dewain Lanfear, Perry Bernstein

row 2 - xxx, Jane Kranzler, Dottie Caggiano, Lilette Levy

row 3 - MaryJane Stevens, Ronnie Schubert, Bob Bond, John General

row 4 - Mimi Brunette, Russ Green, Renee Gordon, Pat Kraft, Barbara Bond, Linda Votteler

row 5 - Karen Balos, Richie Glaski, Mary Scully, Howie Burtt, Veda Schneider

row 6 - Carolyn Flohl, Margaret O'Pray, Connie Drakos, Peggy Coe, Artie Kornfeld.

This is one of my favorite pages in the 1960 Division Avenue High School yearbook. My classmate Louise Nicolosi Hayn provided the caption information. One of the youngsters is not identified, so if you know who she is, please let us know.

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Frank Barning said...

A classmate, who does not like to be identified for professional reasons, says that the unknown youngster (marked with an X) is John "Twinkie" Sweeney.