June 23, 2011

More photos of DAHS graduates when they were kids

Click on photos to enlarge

Depicted are:

* Maria DiGiovanni Mollica, class of 1960, and her father in 1945 or 1946 in Coney Island. He had just returned from serving in Germany.

* Tom Filiberto at age one and a half, flash bulb in hand. He is class of 1963. Are flash bulbs still manufactured?

* Leslie Bell Sands (left) Class '68 and her friend at Jones Beach's main mall on Easter Sunday 1951.

* Beth Cummings '60 in 1948 on her bicycle. She is with her father, Fred Cummings.

* Cliff '60 and Michelle Fromm '63 with their mother, Sylvia, in 1947.

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