June 13, 2011

Part 9 - Photos of DAHS graduates when they were children

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This is the ninth in a series of posts featuring pictures of Division Avenue High School graduates when they were children.

Depicted are:

* Cliff Fromm, class of 1960, age 10 while in the Cub Scouts. Ten years later he was wearing another uniform, that of the United States Navy.

* Toni Crescenzo Gelfer, class of 1968, age seven or eight. "For my birthday, mom always made a tin foil crown for me."

*Sandra Kelly Mincher, class of 1961, the ballerina at age five in 1949.

* Carol Binninger, class of 1964, and her brother Linc (1963). The photo was snapped in 1948.

* Marilyn Monsrud, class of 1963, with her mom and sister Susan (1965) in their backyard on Boat Lane in 1950.


Anonymous said...

Cliff Fromm, Class of 1960

Your blog has become a lifeline to all of us "Levittowners" from DAHS.

Frank Barning said...

Love those vintage photos, those were the peaceful days, man how time flew by so fast, it sure brings back memories, Keep em coming.

Brian Fisher class of 1961