June 20, 2011

Summer has arrived. Now the chilling snow of winter is but a memory enhanced by vintage pictures from our youth.

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* Sitting on her sled, or is it sleigh, is Tony Crescenzo Gelfer '68 in 1954 when she was four years of age. She and the snowman lived at 203 Kingfisher Road.

* The photo of the man with the snow shovel was provided by Karen Biro, class of 1960. The scene is Bluebell Lane in approximately 1957.

* Maria Mollica graduated in 1960. Standing in front of their car are Maria's parents after a 1958 blizzard. They lived at 41 Sandpiper Lane and her sister Frances, class of 1963, still lives in that house.

* Carnation Road snow scene, circa 1959. Although they may be difficult to see, Leslie Sands Bell '68 and Gail Sands '70 are standing on a mound of snow.

* Two unidentified little boys in a snowy backyard. The thingy on which to hang clothes was in most early Levittown backyards. Of course, on cold days, everything froze. Notice the absence of fences.

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