June 29, 2011

Vintage pictures of DAHS graduates with a parent

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Depicted are:

* Maria DiGiovanni (class of 1960) and her G.I dad in 1945 or 1946. This was before Levittown began.

* Toni Crescenzo Gelfer (1968) with her dad in around 1961. The photo was snapped at snowy 203 Kingfisher Road.

* Mark Rotker (1968) with his mother in 1950. Mark was less than a year old and commented, "I wish I still had hair like that."

* Marilyn Monsrud (1963) having a Levittown backyard picnic with her mother in 1952.

* Linc (1963) and Carol Binninger (1964) and their mother in Miami in 1950. Linc sort of looks like Mayberry's Opie Taylor.


Anonymous said...

Wow....he DOES look like Opie!!

Carol Binninger Mondello, class of 1964 aka Opie's sister

John said...

My sister was best friends with Kim, Linc and Carol's sister.