July 28, 2011

Division Avenue High's 1962 cheerleaders were head turners

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Shown above are four different versions of the same photo. Depicted are the 1962 Division Avenue High School cheerleaders in a photo that appears in the 1962 yearbook.

The picture was provided by Marilyn Monsrud, class of 1963, who has the first four DAHS yearbooks. She has scanned numerous yearbook shots for our blog. Many yearbook photos have insufficient caption information and this was typical. Usually, Marilyn and I email back and forth in an attempt to figure out who is in group photos, and if stymied, I will send to it to people who we know for sure are in the picture.

This photo is different. It is unique in that the cheerleaders were lying on their backs. The problem, when names were accumulated, was how to list the cheerleaders, what order to use. There is no logical starting point.

In a stroke of creativity, it was decided to run four different versions of the same photo. At least you can see all the young faces without having to stand on your head.

In the picture, in no particular order are Melissa Shaffer, Susan Kilbride, Janet Trama, Cathy Burner, Linda Cacioli, Sue Propper, Pam De Gregorio, Linda Kaiser, Joan Kashman and Mary LaMar. Trama and Kaiser, by the way, have the gym floor's white line running through their heads.


Marilyn Monsrud Frese said...

Love the way you "spun the wheel"! I did a photo of my daughter and her varsity cheer team at DAHS in 1983 when she was a senior, using the same pose! I had the team lie on the gym floor near the end of the bleachers and then went up about 10 steps and shot down at them! It came out great too. I will try to find it and we can do a side by side of the 20 year span of cheerleaders! (Let's see- that was right about the time of the Farrah Faucet HAIR!!!)

Anonymous said...

Class of '72 as well.