July 19, 2011

Part 2 - 1960 Division Avenue graduates with their grandkids

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* Jim Halpin holding McKenna, born in September. She is his seventh, with two more on the way.

* Warren Zaretsky with granddaughters Natasha (17) and Nicolette (16) in 2009. He also has an 11-year old grandson, Dartagnan.

* Mike Caldararo and grandson Sam in November 2009. He and Janet have two grandchildren, Sam now five and Audrey who is 15 months.

* Lilette Levy Bagwin and grandson Trey in 2009.

Does anyone in the class of 1960 have more grandkids than Jim Halpin? Photos of 1961-63 graduates will be posted in the coming days, as will as a few more from 1960.

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