July 1, 2011

Vintage photos of Division Avenue High School siblings

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Siblings shown here are:

* Howard Whidden (class of 1962) in 1952 with his sister Dottie (class of '67). Notice the state of the art TV for its time, but certainly not a 50-inch high-def flat-screen, not to mention color.

* Cliff Fromm's Bar Mitzvah reception. Cliff is class of 1960 and sister Michelle, age 10, graduated in 1963.

* Carol (class of 1964) and Linc Binninger (class of 1963) cooling off in 1949 or 1950. Yes, Linc does look like Mayberry's Opie Taylor. Carol agrees.

* Marilyn Monsrud (1963) and on the right is her sister Susan (1965) in approximately 1950. They lived at 45 Boat Lane where this was taken on a snowy day.

* Kathy Stahlman (1963) is on the left in this 1953 photo. With her is sister Chris, one year younger at age six and a half. Chris would shortly receive her First Holy Communion at St. Bernard's.

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