August 6, 2011

Class of 1960 grads make Las Vegas a travel destination - Part 2

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* Dewain Lanfear at the golf outing.

* Cliff Fromm at Harrah's.

* Ken Plass, Frank Barning and Bob Castro were among the guys at Frank's home course, the Siena Golf Club. Bob commented, "Believe it or not, all of us were still smiling even after we recorded our scores."

* All the class of 1960 people at the reunion were men except Heidi Perlmutter. Heidi was at Division for a couple years, but graduated from Levittown Memorial High School.

* Lou Kuhlman, still a swinging character after all these years.

As I mentioned in a recent post, one of the many advantages of living in Las Vegas is that old friends come to town. In April 2010, the class of 1960 held an informal reunion here and it was an opportunity for me to show old classmates the sights, dine together, take pictures and hang out.

Destination reunions are becoming popular for early DAHS grads since it is difficult to find someone to run a huge class reunion on Long Island. Barbara Wittenberg Taylor put together a gigantic 50th class of 1960 reunion last summer but a 60th reunion in 2020 is doubtful. And anyway, we should live so long. There will be a class of 1963 destination reunion in New Mexico in October.

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