August 24, 2011

Vintage photos of Division Avenue High and Levittown Memorial High graduates

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Shown here are:

* Linc Binninger, class of 1963, in his graduation photo.

* Easter girls Sandy Kelly Mincher (taller of the two), class of 1961 with sister Karen in around 1956. Note the cars. "The Hudson was ours," said Sandy. "We also had a Wasp and a Hornet."

* Steve Mohr sent this Jones Beach photo of him and his siblings. He wrote, "Included are my older sister June (Levittown Memorial class of 1957); my sister Barbara (Levittown Memorial 1959); me (Division 1960); and our little brother Eddie who went to high school in California." The photo is from approximately 1953.

* Don Davidson, class of 1960, age 14 months in 1944.

* Jimmy Crescenzo and Jerry Gosse, 1959 Levittown Memorial High School graduates.

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