September 22, 2011

Part 1: Division Avenue High School's first graduation, June 1960

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It is difficult to believe that Division Avenue High School's first graduation day was a few months more than 51 years ago. On that sunny June day in 1960, approximately 200 of us said farewell to an important chapter in our young lives.

My classmate Tom Urban has provided four photos from that day. Two are included here and the others will soon be posted.

From the crowd picture, I can pick out the faces of (left to right) Diane White, Bob Kuhn (partially obscured), Jane Alexander, Dotty Caggiano, Tom Urban, Lou Pascale (partially obscured), and Lorrayne McCoy. I cannot identify the person after Lorrayne.

Notice in the background, Mays, where most of Levittown shopped in those days.

The other photo shows the gathering for the graduation ceremony. The keynote speaker was Dr. Joseph Astman, a professor at Hofstra College and father of 1960 graduate Jeph Astman. The head of the school board, Robert Hoshino, handed out the diplomas.

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