September 8, 2011

Why Russ Mulroy couldn't wait to transfer to Levittown Memorial High School from Division Avenue

Russ in his LMHS varsity jacket in 1962. That's his first car, a 1953 Oldsmobile Dyna Drive.

Our previous blog post by Ken Taylor was headlined "Why I wish that I had attended Division Avenue High instead of that other school". Ken graduated from Levittown Memorial High School in 1959.

Russ Mulroy did his freshman year at Division, was a starter on the varsity basketball team, and then transferred to Memorial from which he graduated in 1961. He was an all-county level basketball player at Memorial. In his senior year, Russ scored 46 points in a playoff game against previously unbeaten Lawrence.

Here is his reply to Ken's story:

Sorry Ken Taylor feels the way he does about his years at Memorial. I felt the opposite attending Division my freshman year in 1957-58 and couldn’t wait to transfer to LMHS the next year. Better sports teams was the main reason but the students and teachers there made it special. I never felt a hint of snobbery in all my time there, so Ken’s experience puzzles me.


Anonymous said...

Marti Traystman, Division class of 1960:

Interesting stories. I thought that there was no choice about leaving DAHS and going to Memorial High School. How did Russ Mulroy get that choice in 1957-58? I grew up in Levittown and attended DAHS. When the change arrived, we lost a lot of our friends who now had to attend Memorial and leave DAHS. We truly missed many of these individuals for the entire 4 years of high school. One person I personally remember is Heidi Perlmutter who was one of those who now attended Memorial. From what I know, she has attended all the Division reunions, even some that were not class-wide.

I am confused by the comments made by Russ Mulroy's about the athletics department. The athletics department in Division was one of the best and the school spirit was of one big family having a great time. Which we all did, have a great time, that is.

It is sad that Russ felt otherwise.

Frank Barning said...

I was on the Division basketball team with Russ. Our coach (Jerry Jewell) was terrible and the coach at Memorial was highly regarded. We were at a new school, so there would be weaknesses and strengths. Had I been Russ Mulroy, I would have changed schools. And I totally understand how Ken Taylor felt.

Different strokes for different folks.