September 30, 2011

Zippy cartoon strip, "Ode to Billy Joel" by Levittowner Bill Griffith

Click on cartoon to enlarge

Jon Buller, class of 1961, thought this recent Zippy the Pinhead cartoon might interest you. He wrote, "Billy Joel grew up in Levittown, as did Bill Griffith (McArthur High School '62). The lyrics to Joel's song "Allentown" were originally about Levittown, but he was advised by his manager that Levittown was not a good subject for a rock song. So he changed it to "Allentown."

According to Griffith, "It would be interesting to see if former Levittowners remember the "Allentown" song and its Levittown origins.

Bill Griffith's website:

His email address:

If you know Billy Joel's "Allentown", Griffith's lyrics may run through your brain for the next 24 or so hours. If you are an early Levittowner, can't you smell the chickens and turkey pot pies cooking at Zorn's? Few fragrances were more intoxicating.

Note: Joel resided in a Levitt house but lived just across the border and attended Hicksville High School.


Vivian said...

Click on the cartoon to make it readable. It is beautifully done.

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Anonymous said...
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SAMMYS said...

Back in 68' Joel and his band rented a house on the corner of Cotton Lane and Wantagh Avenue, I should know I use to party there a lot!!

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