October 30, 2011

Dr. Kathy Rees, Division Avenue High School class of 1961, passed away last week

From Pat Calderwood Pulda, class of 1961 . . .

I want to tell you the sad news that my classmate Kathy Rees died in her sleep. She had had pneumonia, was feeling better, and then simply died. I heard the news from Charles Hyman, Iris Orenstein's husband, who called me. Iris was in our class.

I thought he was calling about Iris, so was shocked to learn otherwise. Charles told me that Kathy's husband, Frank, called him; said there is no funeral planned, but there may be a memorial service in the Spring. I last saw Kathy last Spring when we went to New York to visit Iris.

Can't believe Division class of '61 lost its Princess. Kathy was the quintessential prom queen: smart, beautiful, loved by all. I can still hear her laughter in the halls.


Arnie Galeota, 1961
This is very, very sad news. That's the girl who set the standard for what a class queen should be. It's a very sad day. I haven't seen her in so many years but she was the sweetest, friendliest, most cheerful, girl in my class. Just a wonderful girl.

Patricia Kraft McDonald, 1960
There are no words to describe the sadness I feel because of the loss of this beautiful person.

Armand Tarantelli, long-time Division Avenue teacher
What a loss to all DAHS faculty, alumni and community. I knew Kathy's parents in the '50s and '60s. Yes, she was everybody's sweetheart. She never took shop but all the guys knew this freckled faced beauty. May she rest in peace. Armand Tarantelli a/k/a Mr. T. Industrial Arts.

Roslyn Haberman, 1961
Kathy was one special lady. I remember her smiles and good nature. It is funny how it all flashes back even now. She was beautiful in every way.

Susan Weldon, 1960
Kathy was a smart, sweet, beautiful soul. I'm shocked and very saddened.

Cliff Fromm, 1960
Such sad news. I remember her as such a lovely person. She will be in my prayers.

Marilyn Monsrud Frese, 1963
Awful news. Such a sweet and gentle person... remember her fondly from our Tri-Delt sorority.

Michael Haag, 1961
Sad and shocking news.

Kathy Stallman Zinn, 1963
I always admired Kathy for her warmth, intelligence, friendliness, and all around goodness. I am very saddened to hear of her death.

Lillian Smith Handleman, 1962
Oh, so sorry. I do remember her pretty face. And she was sweet. That is so sad to die so young, and so unexpectedly. But at least she went peacefully--all any of us can ask.

Sue Rutkin Villatore, 1962
Ernie and I are saddened to hear about Kathy. What a lovely, vibrant woman she was, and I am sure had been through her adult life. So sad to hear about any of our old classmates passing away at such a "young" age.

Annajoy Herman Romdalvik, 1960
It is always sad to hear of the passing of someone we know especially at an age that is no longer considered "old". The only consolation is that Kathy went peacefully in her sleep and doesn't seem to have suffered. May she rest in peace.

Sandra Kelly Mincher, 1961
This is really sad news, and hard to comprehend. Even though I didn't know her personally, I could tell that she was a good and special person.

Laurence Bory, 1960
It is unfortunately life's progress that after the happy events that draw us together, weddings, births, graduations, reunions, come the sad ones of parting.

• • •
Kathy lived in West Hartford, Conn. and was a clinical social work therapist who had a PhD. Her sister, Dr. Ellen Rees, graduated from Division Avenue High School in 1960.

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