December 15, 2011

Photos of Division Avenue High School graduates from long, long ago. One lived, briefly, on a nearby farm.

Roberta Landry Bremmer, class of 1961 with her dog Lucky in 1950 at the Hanisch Dairy Farm in Plainview. She was six years of age.

Jim Anton, class of 1961, and kid brother Jerry in 1955. Notice the Levitt houses in the background.

Ira Shapiro, class of 1961, age 3

Artie Kornfeld, class of 1960

Don Davidson, class of 1960, age three in 1946. Nice pants, Droopy Drawers.

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Why did Roberta Landry live on a Plainview dairy farm in 1948? According to the 1961 graduate, "It was just the house my parents rented while they were building our Loring Road house in Levittown.

"As I remember, it was a little house, pretty close to the barn and cows. The owners of the farm lived down the hill and across the road. I had to walk down the hill to get the school bus and would get scared that the bull might be out. I attended St Ignatius in Hicksville for first grade then when we moved to Levittown, I went to Division Avenue for second grade."

The Loring Road house was not built by Levitt and Sons, one of the few non-Levitt houses that Division Avenue High students called home.

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