December 27, 2011

Warren Zaretsky, class of 1960, is still full of wander after all these years

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World traveler Warren Zaretsky is among the most creative and humorous people your blogger has ever known. We graduated from Division Avenue High School in 1960 and it seems that he could not wait to get out of Levittown. For college, he went to Wayne State in Nebraska, never to return.

First we see Warren at age eight and then in a recent photo. Early in this century, he taught English in China for two years. I wish he would write an autobiography. Tomorrow he departs on a vacation that features visits to Ecuador and the Galapagos. The photos posted here are of Warren in Shenzhen Park, China, and Moscow.

Please check out Warren's comments that appear below.

Warren wrote: Yes, I've spent most of my 68 years wandering, creating and absorbing experiences -- east coast, west coast, three business careers, more than 30 countries, two marriages, a potpourri of multi-cultural amorous adventures of varying duration, two known children, three grandkids, a wonderful 90 year-old mother, two loving sisters, a supportive and best-friend kind of cousin, a handful of close friends, and a comfortable bank account. The bank account buys continued freedom to wander. The accumulated material possessions have been kept minimal and are expendable.

If I go quickly with my boots on, it's been fun -- If I linger a bit, I have my stock of memories to replay until I pull the plug. In the end, other than perhaps a few warm moments during visiting hours, all you've got is a silly backless hospital gown and your memories. So, to all I've encountered in my wanderings, I say thanks for the memories.

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Anonymous said...

From Bob Cotter, Montreal, Canada:

Dear Frank, Thank you for the time and effort that you put in for the blog. I left Levittown around 1970 and never looked back, that is, until your blog came into my life. It brought me together with old school chums, and awakened memories of my youth as far back as Summit Lane School, names, stories and topics that come up in the blog kick in and relate to other memories and on and on. The one common thread that I detect in all the anecdotes, is that we feel like we are part of an exclusive club of pioneers. We were the first to grow up in an entirely new environment and life situation...not a small town, not a small tight-knit neighborhood in a vast city, but a group of experiencing a new way of life together, with all the growing pains, trials, and tribulations shared along the way. Kind of like remembering a movie one had seen long ago.
Thank you Frank, and thank you all who have, and continue to contribute. Happy, Healthy New Year everybody!